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Top Benefits of Healthcare Video Marketing

Healthcare Video Marketing

Increase engagement and sales with added-value content

The general population is in love with video watching, and the digital native medical professional is no exception. It’s everybody’s favorite media type and what they want to see more of when it comes to brands and businesses, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Video content included in an email adds value to it, guaranteeing a higher probability of being opened and engaged, and one cannot ignore that email is the favorite channel for business interactions when it comes to physicians’ preferences. 

It’s proactively providing to the audience what they are demanding through the right channel at the right time, generating more leads while nurturing the customers and improving their knowledge without more time consumption.

Educational resources from pharma are valuable to both the patient-centric healthcare professional and the more concerned patient, as complex data transforms into bite-sized and attractive resources delivered at the right time of their journeys.

Overall, video email marketing can improve campaign rates and results, having a positive impact on the return on investment (ROI) while benefiting medical professionals’ and patients’ experiences.

Video content: An important piece of the marketing strategy

#1 Reason: Rates Improvement

  • 7% increase in the open rate for emails with the word ‘video’ in the subject line (Social Media Week);
  • 300% improvement in click-through rates for emails with video content (Campaign Monitor);
  • 59% of executives would choose explainers and others over text for the same topic (Small Biz Trends);
  • Teams that use video content in emails get a 16% increase in open rate (Sales Loft);
  • Reps that add animated content in emails achieve an extra 26% reply rate (Sales Loft).

#2 Reason: Video Results & Revenue

  • 64% of consumers say that watching a brand’s video convinces them to buy a product or choose a service (Tubular);
  • 65% of executives visit a business website after watching a video (Vidyard);
  • Video marketers grow revenue faster than those who do not use it by 49% (WordStream);
  • Costs per lead lower 19% with animated content (Vidyard).

#3 Reason: Trust & Authority Building

  • 54% of consumers want more animated content from a brand/business (Hubspot);
  • 72% of people learn about a product/service through animated content (Optinmonster);
  • 84% of customers based their product/service decision-making on video watching (Wyzowl);
  • 96% of consumers watched an explainer video to know more about a product/service (Wyzowl).

Video Email Marketing: Top Guidelines for 2022

  • Having ‘Video’ in the email subject line increases the open rate by 19%;
  • Add the video content after the email copy, adding a few words for context ensures that it isn’t labeled as Spam and gets the message across;
  • Keep the sound disabled but enable the autoplay to proceed according to today’s consumer preferences and expectations;
  • Sales representatives must be on the same page with video content added to their emails, which can increase the click-through rate by 4 times; and
  • Tailor the communication through the collected data on video views, plays, and shares, personalizing the content for each segment and stage of the journey.

Did you know that for 51% of digital marketers, video content has the highest ROI of all marketing channels (Campaign Monitor)?! Let us help you be one of them with PubVisual.


Medical data no longer has to be a pile of incomprehensible papers; it’s easier to watch a medical animation, guaranteeing higher retention and engagement rates among physicians and, consequently, patients.

Numbers show that animated content integrated into the marketing strategy will increase both engagement and sales results. Especially following the boom in video consumption all around the world after COVID-19 came into the scene.

Explainers, such as medical animations, are one of the most commonly consumed and demanded content formats. And are powerful resources for both the HCP professional journey and the patient care journey. All in all, pharma audiences now expect seamless experiences with digestible, bite-sized, and attractive medical animated content. Most importantly, that is shared at the right time through email – as that is their preferred channel.

With little time consumption, videos are the most wanted media type by the general population. With this in mind, it looks like it is going to remain a trend in years to come. 

Video has proven to improve email rates, lead generation, and sales results with lower costs and faster revenue growth. So, pharma marketers need to embrace it and start adding this content to their campaigns and digital interactions. As a way to thrive in the hyper-connected healthcare sector.