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Explainer Videos: How to Successfully Create Your First

Explainer Videos: How to successfully create your first

Explainer videos sound like a complex theme for one to tackle about pharma topics, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be that hard. Especially if you sum up the main topics in your explainer videos in 60 to 90 seconds. 

Through this style of video, you can engage with your audience and guide them through the benefits of your product or treatment. Continue reading and we’ll show you some easy steps to creating your first explainer video.

Explainer videos: How to successfully create your first

Write a good script

The first step to any successful explainer video starts with its script. In this sense, it’s important to have a person who can bring a fresh outsider’s perspective to your business. 

Often it helps to fill in a creative brief, or engage in brainstorming to help pick on the main points that will be in the video. As soon as the main ideas are set, the next step is to start writing the script. But, before you let out all your creative ideas we advise you to read the next topic.

Less is more

Yes, the less you say, the more likely people are to remember it. There’s a lot to be said about a business, we know. However, remember that video is supposed to be the hook that captures the attention of your audience leaving space for further engagement.

Ideally, you should keep the length of the video at around 150 words per minute. The longer the video is, the less likely people are to pay attention to it. So before you’re tempted to make a video telling an all-about story of your company or your products, remember one detail. Most importantly, the less you tell the more attention you capture.

Here’s a structure suggestion

An explainer video can have a more technical take to it, or a storytelling take to make it more relatable, yes. Nevertheless, keep in mind that a proper “skeleton” to drive the narrative will help guide the viewers from the problem to the solution. 

We’re not saying there is a definitive formula for an ideal explainer video, still, there are some topics that can help you drive the narrative. With that said, here is a structure we propose to you:

  • Problem;
  • Solution;
  • How to / How it works;
  • Call to action.
Let’s explain our idea in more detail:
  • Start by exposing the problem/pain of your audience. Show the restraints and disadvantages of the problem and the effects it has on your target audience;
  • Right after that present your product or service as the solution for that specific problem. How will that element help solve that problem? What are its advantages? In what ways will it add value to your clients’ lives?
  • After going through the advantages, it’s a good idea to show how your product or service works. If it’s a drug, talk about how the patient should take it, what effects will it have on the human body, and a couple of precautions to have in mind while taking it (such as the need for a medical prescription, or to speak to a physician in case of a specific condition, for example);
  • Last, but not least, take the last moments to end with a call to action to the viewers. Do you want to redirect them to a site, or contact a certain number or email? The last 10 seconds of your video are the chance to do it.

Visuals are king, audio is the queen

The visuals of your explainer video are essential to keep your audience engaged. Indeed there is a good percentage of people online that tend to watch online videos on mobile devices with the sound off.  With this in mind, bet on visuals that manage to pass the message in a visual sense, and don’t forget the subtitles for that matter.

Nevertheless, despite what we mentioned previously, the sound of the video still has the silver medal regarding the engagement. Make sure you have a polished voiceover to guide the audience throughout the sequence for people to feel guided through a narrative that will lead a potential client to you.

Don’t choose a robotic voice to tell a story, but look for a voice that truly transpires emotion when talking about your brand and its benefits. Remember: investing in talent has considerable benefits.

The benefits are the real champions

Forget the old formula of showing off all of the incredible features of your product or service. You probably know all the features by heart. However, all the viewers will care about is what’s in it for them. Don’t focus on technical details, but rather on how what you have to sell will change your clients’ lives for the better. 

Share it with the world

Now that the video is ready, the next step is the launch. It’s time to share the message with the world and your digital communication channels will be key for you to succeed.

We advise you to integrate the content on your website. However, don’t forget to look for a proper host to embed the content easily into other formats. There are plenty of options such as YouTube, Vimeo PRO, Vidyard, or Wistia, for example.

Don’t forget the advantages of other online channels. In fact, you can use your blog, your newsletter, your social media channels, and even your email signatures to spread the video. The more the merrier.

If you’re considering the chance of exploring the possibilities of explainer videos, we hope our guide can take you in the right direction. These video contents can help you save time and money. Moreover, they can provide you with interesting metrics to help you see if you’re going the right way. If you need help in creating your first explainer video, RedNovius has a proposal for you just below.

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