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3 educational ways to use medical videos to advance health equity

3 ways to advance health equity

These 3 educational ways to use medical videos will help you effectively advance and promote health equity. Dive on in to learn more.

1. Medical videos to engage more stakeholders with better data

Medical video marketing is a growing trend in the pharmaceutical and life science field. For one, it saves time and simplifies the communication process with key stakeholders, namely physicians. Secondly, it helps pharma marketers collect important data that provides unique insight into the target audience, such as needs, preferences, location, and more. 

But, the question is, how can you advance health equity through such a strategy? Use medical videos to engage more stakeholders with better data. Too complicated? I’ll simplify it for you.


Analyze the data you have and the important information it discloses to you. You might look for key pointers, namely which audience segments you think are not provided with your medicines and therapies. But also, who is not receiving the latest medicines and treatments. 

This will help you identify your target audience’s pain points. Therefore, allowing you to personalize your offer and stakeholder engagement initiatives.


Do not only strive to understand a patient’s healthcare journey. This will help you collaborate with key players, such as physicians, to expand the reach of your medicine and treatments. At this point, you have a greater knowledge and understanding of your wider audience. This gives you a first-hand advantage in creating long-lasting relationships.


Transfer your knowledge and expertise into a medical video that can share with physicians scientific data that is important to them and to their patients. At this stage, you have the ability to tailor your offer around existing needs. Thus, paving the way for patients to receive the best treatment possible. 

So, by upscaling the quality of your shared data with physicians through medical videos, you are promoting health equity. 

For example, with RedNovius’ PubVisual explainer videos, pharma marketers can harness the full power of their clinical and scientific data. At the same time, they can share exclusive insights into:

  • Real-world evidence;
  • Clinical trial results;
  • Pre-clinical studies;
  • Protocols; 
  • …and more!

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2. Turn medical information accessible with patient education videos

One other way you can advance health equity is to turn your complex medical information, into on-demand, easy-to-understand patient education videos. 

Today, over half of US patients start their healthcare journeys online. Mostly, because all the needed information is at the tip of their fingers, just one click away. This makes search engines key to inclusive digital pharma marketing strategies. 

The possibilities with medical videos are endless. With patients’ interests and needs in mind, you can share insight into:

  • A disease’s general characteristics;
  • Treatment access and affordability;
  • Mode of Action;
  • Side-effects…

But, how can this help you promote health equity?  Let’s look at it through this prism. 

Health equity is all about certifying that people from different socio-economic backgrounds have equal access to health care and service. The ultimate goal is to ensure that all individuals have access to this basic human need. 

So, by sharing your medical information through a format that is easily accessible and understanding you are expanding your reach to a wider and more diverse patient audience that can benefit from your knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, you can become an active participant in patients’ educational journeys. 

3. Address social and structural determinants of health through KOL partnerships

Beyond helping you be an active participant in your stakeholders’ healthcare journeys, medical videos equally open up the opportunity for you to address social and structural determinants of health.

Medical videos are a content format that has the advantage of providing the ability to tailor the structure and narrative around particular needs and intents. The secret is all in the scope of your message and the target audience you are directing it to. 

One of health equity’s principles is place. This includes your target audience’s location and your understanding of it. But also your awareness of what can be done in the community and how to address its needs. And one way to do it effectively is to consider one other principle of health equity, partnerships

For example, in a 90-second medical explainer video, you can partner with KOLs (key opinion leaders) in the field that can help you address the social and structural determinants of the health of your chosen target audience. For example, if access to treatment is one of the pain points, you can explore it in your medical video, as a way to educate your audience on the different options they have available to them. Knowledge is power, and by sharing it you are contributing to the improvement of a patient’s health.

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