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3 New Trends in Digital Pharma: Data, AR & Video

Pharma’s digitalization was slow at the start. Yet, new opportunities have now been found in online digital platforms. And, these are successfully increasing HCP and patient engagement. At the same time, improving sales and strengthening brands. 

The digital shift is now, more than ever, a reality. COVID has had a strong impact on the healthcare industry. And technology has been the ally of digital platforms, mitigating the gap between companies and consumers. Fostering the need to find new ways in which to respond to change, effectively. 

From AR to video and data, here are 3 new trends in digital pharma within the U.S.

3 new trends in digital pharma: Data, AR & Video

1 – Data & Analytics

The volume of data to analyze and communicate has increased. Then, motivating pharma companies to use data for customer service personalization. As well as for boosting HCP engagement by presenting their brand as a vault of knowledge. 

Primarily, companies collect data and analytics from performed clinical trials and drug research. With an exponential increase in these, companies can make their data more resourceful and, even, profitable. By turning data available to third parties, organizations strengthen their credibility among customers and competitors. Thus, further reinforcing their positioning in the market. 

Companies also have to deal with data and analytics collected from the platforms used in digital marketing. For example, through sent sales and follow-up emails, it is possible to:

  • Collect data that describes customers’ interests;
  • Understand consumers’ behavior patterns; and
  • Identify which products and services are in demand…

By analyzing this data, pharma sales reps are able to personalize and tailor their approach to each HCP’s needs. Increasing in that way, both sales and response. Veeva concluded that companies that leverage data with content and consumers’ behavioral insights outperform competitors by as much as 85%. 

2 – Virtual conferences & Augmented reality 

Virtual conferences have been a growing trend in the industry that has been effectively engaging HCP. With less time for education, physicians have been increasingly valuing digital engagement opportunities. In fact, 78% of HCP defend that companies should offer a combination of both physical and virtual conferences (Veeva). 

“I think this has shifted our advancement of our digital sharing of clinical data in a way I don’t think will ever go back to the way we were before,” – Mark Wildgust, Reuters

In the end, personalization and virtual engagement are the foundations of communication strategies. Mainly due to pharma companies’ growing tendency to collect more data in what appears to be a definite digital shift. Organizations are able, then, to tailor virtual conferences to customers’ needs. How? By understanding their behavior patterns and interests, but also their geographical location. 

It is here that technology and pharma have successfully allied themselves. Making it possible to improve HCP engagement and increase sales. AR (augmented reality) is a field in technology that is improving day by day. It is also an innovation that has gained new relevance in pharma.

It merges reality with digital information. Consequently, turning data into tangible information that HCP can better conceptualize. In this way, companies have been able to provide immersive experiences. In which education comes from books to collaboration and interactivity. 

3 – Video

Pharma not only makes it difficult to share information with patients but also with healthcare providers. It is necessary to find ways in which to turn complex information into easy-to-understand content

Video is a growing trend in the pharma field. Why? This tool has proven successful when targeting physicians and patients alike. Because it turns content more:

  • Accessible;
  • Easy-to-understand; 
  • Engaging; and 
  • Memorable. 

Society is becoming more digitalized, and so are HCP. Mobile phones, tablets, and computers are now part of a physician’s workday. And it is there that it is easiest to target them. According to studies conducted by Healthcasts, physicians are now more likely to watch an online video than in 2010. Moreover, as of 2022, 86% of businesses are expected to be using video. 

So, video trends in digital pharma are here to stay. And there are different formats to adopt:

  • Explainer videos;
  • Presentation videos;
  • Video graphics;  
  • Sales videos…

In 2021, 74% of videos created by companies were explainers. For their informative value, pharma marketers have been successfully integrating these into their marketing strategies. Through them, you can target both HCP and patients. Then, establishing a greater communication flow. 

Make video part of your marketing strategy

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